Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Many days

It has been many days since I have had the desire to write. Even now I am not interested in this. There was a reunion concert for my old youth chorus. It was held at the Mondavi Center in Davis, which is big and beautiful on the inside, and much to my surprise we mostly filled it. Perhaps not sold out, but there were no large patches with no people, and when we, the alumni choir, performed, there was a huge amount of applause. Not that I do it for the applause or really for he audience at all, I do it to hear the melding of the different tones and to get to be part of a fourth or a second and have my whole body tingle with the beauty of the chords.
I really do miss it. Next year I should audition for the other acapella group on campus, and not screw up the audition.