Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've always wanted to keep a record

Now, this seems a little negative, even for me, but I would love to have a list of the things that I absolutely can't stand.
I suppose that I could, you know... do things I like as well.
But for now.
I do not like:
I do not like them very much indeed!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Very. Tired. Girl.

I was born in the right age.

This morning I got up with the idea that my class was happening some time around noon. It didn't worry me that I couldn't put my finger on exactly what class that might happen to be or exactly when around the hour of 12 o'clock that I was supposed to be attending it. (I take the same bus to all stops and it only comes once an hour, so I knew which one to get on.) It didn't really seem necessary. Until, that is, I showed up at my first guess and met a dark, empty classroom.
Is this the classroom for my... Psych Discussion? I ask myself.
... Yes. I believe so.
When is your Psych discussion?
Noon. Ish. Maybe.
Oh yeah? Huh. Well.
What is a girl to do? My brain can't formulate another better answer to the question, and in any other age I would have had to sink down onto the cold cement, put my head in my hands and think. really. hard. until I was able to wake up and deal with the situation, probably missing my... um... class? this morning which I was *almost certain* meant that I wouldn't be getting that... one test back. From that... once class. That I... have this morning.
But no! I was not limited to my own sad spent brain power which would still be on strike for a few days after this weekend (oh man) I had the entire internet at my disposal.
And now it's time to get off the internet and go to my SOCIOLOGY discussion (praise Google!) and collect my Sociology Midterm! At 12:30, which is, indeed some time around the hour of noon, thank you very much.