Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Write something, then

A combination of fine forces set out to work on me yesterday. The first was my Humanistic Psych class, a class which rarely has actual work, but often results in odd, insubstantial projects. For instance, this weekend I was supposed to have sex for world peace. I did not. This might be a shame, I'm not sure. But, the real point is that today he suggested that we "create something." I, after storming out of my room in a mostly unwarranted grumpy fit, decided to do that. I was going to create. But what?
I wrote a book.
Fine, I didn't write a book, but I did start one. It's no Ulysses, but I like it. I have no aspirations to greatness with this piece of work, it's a metamyth. It's a hero's journey, but I am thoroughly enjoying the process. Yesterday I wrote 2500 words. Guess how many words I wrote today? My great plans as I fell asleep about finding out how Elodie was going to find the temple in the woods and how the mother was going to remove herself from the narrative? Zero. I did not write a damn thing. And now, in bed, as I should be discovering exactly what Charles is going to say when he wakes up in the morning, I am writing a pointless, long over-due blog entry.
I guess it's better to write something.

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