Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Lowly Student,

What is your source? What is it? Is it the Fire Sermon? The Elephant Jataka or some other more obscure Buddhist sutra? How do I know that the information that you are presenting is true?

Well, Professor, I don't actually know what my source is. I have been studying far eastern asian religion, and it's philosophy for several years now. I have been reading and watching and listening to information on Buddhism and India for as long as I have been able to. In fact, I feel as though I have a fairly comprehensive understanding of the teachings and, honestly, the religious experience of Buddhism. You are not my only source.
So, when I write an essay I am not going to justify everything with source materials, I will simply summarize, to the best of my understanding, the best answer to the question.


Perhaps you might draw on the fact that you are a PROFESSOR OF THIS STUFF. I think that you might have a good idea of whether or not I am right. So, instead of asking me what my sources are or picking at the sentence structure that I use, why not simply TELL ME THAT I'M WRONG? Thanks.

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