Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Last Few Days

On Thursday, two days after Tuesday, which happens to be today, I will no longer be a freshman. Freshmen are a curious breed. They tend to giggle profusely and have a tendency to get in the way when there are important things to get done. This is not their fault, we were all freshmen, in High School, and some of us again, in college. They, as we did, will grow out of it.
What I marvel at now is the fact that I will never ever have to be a freshman again. I'll have to be new sometimes, a fresh person, but not a freshman, and being new isn't nearly so bad. It never lasts an entire year, certainly. Because you're a freshman until you're not any more, and you can't escape it until you're a sophomore.
It seems as though we've done it. Most of us, with few casualties.

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