Saturday, February 16, 2008


It is time to stop being an elitist. People do not need to be perfect, I certainly am not. If removing myself step by step from the mindset of everyone needing to be perfect, and exactly to my standards means losing all of my friends at home, so be it. It is definitely time to move on.
All of the amazing people at Santa Cruz have changed my mind about all of the judging that has been going on in my life. That guy I used to work with was right, I do want to say,
"Stop judging, you judging judger!"
Why all this hate anyway? I could never be friends with Cameron, because he smokes! And that makes him bad! Can't take Jessica seriously because she listens to R&B music. Caitlin went to Waldorf school. She's probably to weird to handle, right?
I don't understand it anymore. Where did all this come from? I know, through my many hours of careful self analysis that there are so many things that are wrong with me, I am in no place to be calling anyone out on anything. Life is so uninteresting if everyone has the same flaws that I do. I know what that is about. I think it will be much more fun to find out about everybody else's.

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