Thursday, February 21, 2008


Now... it seems to me that there should be no reason for a vending machine to not take a quarter. A dollar bill? Certainly, if it's wet or old and dirty or all smushed up into a lump. But a quarter is just a quarter. It's metal, it weighs the same as every quarter ever, and if it gets dirty, it doesn't really matter.
So when the vending machine spit out my quarter over and over again, needless to say, I was befuddled. Why would it do that? What is the purpose of just... dropping it down the slot, back to me. Just take it! Take the quarter. Please.
And, in the end, regardless of the fact that there is not reason not to take my perfectly normal, even shiny looking quarter, fresh out of my pocket, the machine would not recognize that I had more than a dollar.
So, I did not get gummi worms at 1 in the morning, and instead I got skittles.
And maybe that is why the machine refused to take my quarter, because skittles are better anyway.

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