Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lazy Sunday, Reasons why I can't write an essay.

I would like to be writing an essay right now, on Nietzsche and his ideas about self and society, but I do not have any real idea what his ideas were on anything, let alone the high flying topoics that I am supposed to analyze. "What are his opinions on human nature?" I don't even know my own opinions on human nature, how am I supposed to judge his, based on less than 60 pages of writing. This writing that I have was only from one period of his life, what if he changed his views? What of, after he saw the horse beaten and went insane, he decided that all of his views were wrong. What if he realized that the slave mentality was not a result of ressontemant, but was actually a god-given assignment of values. What if the fact that Nietzsche believed that God was dead and that we killed him was actually a conscious joke that God played on him, and once he went crazy, Nietzsche understood that and the two had a good laugh about it?
Not that I actually believe any of those things. In fact, about most of the tings I have read, I think Nietzsche was completely right, and brilliant for saying the things that he did. However, it does not make writing an essay any easier. How can I make an argument about anything that he said. There is no basis for research other than, 'He said, but I think," and that just feels wring. I guess I can do, "He says but Marx says," but I don't want to do that either.

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