Monday, March 31, 2008


Taking humanistic psychology, apparently I am supposed to ask myself "Who am I?" and then, after I answer myself, "Who am I really?" I, of course, have no idea who I am, at all let alone "really" but even before the class started I was writing in my red book of "Things that I have done" which is basically a list of reasons that I am an interesting person, in order to convince myself that I am, in fact, an interesting person some of the time. I started a new list this morning too, in the back of the book titled "Things I want to do." There are only two things on that list so far,
I want to have a jelly bean hunt on easter with my children.
I want to be able to guide a raft down the entire American.
The already finished stuff is much longer. My favorite one isn't really something I've done at all. Not really. When I was in first grade I accidentally walked in to the second grade classroom. They were so old, it seemed impossible that I would ever be that old. I am very excited and feel very accomplished to have lived through second grade.
I wonder if that is who I am. Someone who lived through the second grade. I imagine that that is definitely part of it.

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