Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tired non-vicodin induced rambling

My mouth hurts and that makes me tired. I had my wisdom teeth out on Friday and it was an extremely tiring experience, to the point that I still basically just want to sit around and not do much. The only thing that makes me feel any better is swishing lots of cool water over my poor aching gums and cupping my cheeks in my hands. Oh, and lots of vicodin. Actually, if I keep the pain meds going I don't need the water or the cheek cupping, but eventually I need to stop taking the pills every 4 hours. It's a daunting prospect, but I haven't had one since 1 and it's 8. 8 hours of managing pain on my very own. And it's ok! It really is!
Today I did manage to get out, though. Out of bed and out into the world and looking just a bit better than a "hot mess." To quote all of the girls on Flavor of Love 3 which I wish I didn't watch, but I do. But yes, I did get out today. I shopped a little and went to the Coffee Garden where I ran in to Terry. And the Co-Op, I went there too.
And the reason that I decided to venture instead of simply holing up and not, was that I have a spectacular new car! It's red and pretty and it has a great stereo in it. And when I hit the button on my fancy new key it goes "Beep!" or ever 'Beep! Beep!" depending on whether I'm locking it or not. I love it! Even if it stalls and makes me scared that I am going to be the most hated driver in Sacramento. Because if I was sitting at a stoplight because some stupid girl in her brand new red car couldn't work her stick shift, I'd be pissed too.
So sorry, drivers of Sacramento. Eventually I will figure it out with the shifting and the starting, and I will get plates so I look like less of an ass if I do stall. Sorry very much.

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