Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If I were going to go crazy,

If I were going to go crazy, I think a fun thing to do would be this;
This requires having children.
I would find a mommy blogger with kids roughly the same age and gender and read their blog religiously. I think it would be better to start in the archives for this anyway.
Then, having internalized all the information, live out their life completely as my own.

I mean, not really. Just tell everyone that I was.

Following me? Yeah, probably not.
I mean- When I call my parents to report on the status of my own children, tell them what is going on in blogger world. "Child A said the cutest thing, _____." "Child B still isn't sleeping very well..."
This also applies to status of marriage (or dating, or singletude, whatever) house remodels, possibly even work related stuff.
Right now I'm reading Mir, http://wouldashoulda.com, and for her I'd also tell anyone I was talking to about the great clearance items I've picked up, maybe even medical procedures I didn't actually have.
Completely false life based on someone elses.
Hell, I wouldn't even need kids. Not if the people I was talking to were distant enough.
I think it would be a cool performance art piece too. In fact, it could start out as performance art, and be so strange and unsettling that it turns me crazy and I do it for real.
Probably the best way to work it.

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