Saturday, May 23, 2009

Power of Positive

Reading a Cosmo that someone left at work the other day, I came across that one article that they publish every three or four issues about being lucky.
Power of Positive Thinking Everyone!
And that typo I just made, that one where I typed "Power or Positive Thinging?"
That's much more exactly what I'm going to try for the mo'.
Positive things for the day? Cleaning the house, doing the dishes, looking good when I go to work.
Maybe I'll buy some flowers for the table too.
I'm hoping that positive things will make me happier without changing my situation in any real way. I am happier when I come home to a clean house.
It makes me more confident, where if I don't have a clean house, I feel like I'm hiding something. I can't bring someone home without some warning. This way my house is presentable for everyone all the time.

Ok, here's a little secret: Since it's Memorial Day Weekend a lot of people have gone away, and all the people who hadn't gone away were doing other things last night, so I just watched a movie and went to bed. Thinking negatively, that makes me very sad about the state of my Friday. I'm trying to think about it as simply another day. That would have been a completely nice Tuesday. No reason for Friday to have that connotation that I have to drink and socialize and "Party" even though I feel better about myself and feel better in the morning when I, you know- Don't.

Anyway, that's the plan. I'd better get to cleaning the fridge now, so I have enough time to get pretty for work!

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